Appointment of Internal Auditor for NIMHANS for the financial year 2017-18.

NIMHANS, Bengaluru Recruitment 2017 for Accounts Assistant

NIMHANS invites proposal from eligible Chartered Accountants Firm for appointment as Internal Auditor for the Institute for the financial year 2017-18.

The NIMHANS Internal Auditor will be required to conduct the internal audit in on monthly basis. Transactions from 01-04-2017 to 31-03-2018 are to be audited and Audit Reports should be submitted on monthly basis. The Internal Auditor should also advice on matters related to Income Tax, Service Tax, VAT and GST. Internal auditor should assist filing of tax returns pertains to 2016-17 and 2017-18.

The interested CA firms may submit their tender in the prescribed proforma provided herein, which includes Notice Inviting Tender, Eligibility Criteria, Scope of Work, General Terms and Conditions, Technical Bid (Experience and Capability Criteria) as per Annexure – I and the Financial Bid (Professional Fee) as per Annexure – II.

The sealed tender may be submitted in one big envelope superscribing “Internal Auditor and Tax Consultant for NIMHANS” containing two separately sealed small envelopes, (one for “Technical Bid” and another for “Financial Bid”) superscribing as such and addressed to “The Registrar, National Institute of Mental Health & Neuro Sciences, Post Box No. 2900, Hosur Road, Bengaluru-560 029, Karnataka, India” and has to be dropped in the box at the Purchase section, NIMHANS Administrative block on or before 10.30 AM, 31.05.2017 (Due date). The Technical bids will be opened on 31.05.2017 at 11.00 AM in the presence of tenderers or their representatives in the Committee Room, adj. to Registrar Chamber, Administrative block, NIMHANS, Bengaluru.


In order maintain independence and objectivity of audit, the CA firm doing internal audit of NIMHANS for the period of 2016-17 is not eligible for reappointment.

The interested CA firms are advised to read and understand the eligibility criteria mentioned herewith before submitting their tender:-

  1. The CA firm should have at least an experience of 10 years from the date of registration of the firm. (Copy of self attested registration certificate is required be submitted)
  2. The CA firm should have at least four ACA/FCA on the date of tender submission. (Copy of self attested relevant documents from ICAI is required to be submitted)
  3. The CA firm should have at least twenty Articles /Audit Clerks. (Copy of self Attested relevant documents from ICAI is required to be submitted).
  4. The CA firm should have conducted either statutory audits and /or internal audits of the following organizations on or after financial year 2007-2008.
  5. Two Autonomous Bodies / Statutory Bodies / Govt. Educational Institutions.


  1. Three Central or State PSUs.
  2. The Annual turn-over of the interested CA firm shall not be less than ‘ 100 lakh in each of last three financial years i.e. 2014-15, 2015-16 and 2016-17.


The NIMHANS internal auditor has to cover all issues relating to the internal audit

including the issues as specified below:-

  1. The checking and verification of the cash book and to ensure that the cash in hand is reconciled with cash book records.
  2. The checking and verification of all bank books and to ensure that the bank Books are reconciled on monthly basis and necessary actions are taken for unmatched transactions.
  3. The checking and verification of payment transactions on test check basis to ensure that they are made as per the generally accepted accounting principles and the NIMHANS rules.
  4. The checking and verification of fees / incomes / receipts on test check basis and the review of the reconciliation of fees / income /receipts to ensure that no revenue leakage exists.
  5. Checking and verification of Government Grants (Central / State) received and utilized and their quarterly reconciliation.
  6. The scrutiny of all assets and liabilities accounts to ensure their correctness.
  7. The review of fixed assets register / records and their reconciliation with accounting records.
  8. The review of liability registers and their reconciliation with accounting records.
  9. To ensure that the required monthly / quarterly reports on various matters are submitted to authorities properly and in due time.
  10. To ensure the compliance with applicable statutory requirements like Income Tax, Service tax, PF and NHS etc.
  11. To ensure that the salary to staff is being paid as per their terms and condition and to ensure the Correctness of pay fixation.
  12. Carrying out the physical verification of fixed assets and inventories at least once in a financial year and their comparison with the accounting records and reporting of the variations, if any.
  13. Ensure that outstanding staff loans and advances are recovered as per the stipulated terms / NIMHANS rules.
  14. Review of inter-campus transactions by way of debit notes and /or credit notes and their quarterly reconciliation i.e. the inter- campus- reconciliation. We have three campus, main at Hosur Road and two Centres at BTM Layout and Sakalwara.
  15. Ensure reconciliation of earnest money deposits (EMD) register and security Deposit (SD) register with the Accounting records.
  16. Checking and verification of procurements of capital items to ensure that prescribed procedure mentioned in NIMHANS purchase policies have been followed.
  17. Ensure that payment for AMC and service contracts were made as per the Agreement terms and conditions.
  18. Ensure that the NIMHANS policies, rules, regulation and procedures are adhered to is all accounting matters and transactions.
  19. Review of accounting and internal control systems for particulars type of Financial transactions and suggestions for improvements where weak lacunae is accounting and internal control systems are observed.
  20. Detection of systemic flaws and suggestions for adopting the corrective measures.
  21. Advice NIMHANS on risk assessment and risk mitigation mechanism.
  22. Reporting of outstanding C&AG audit paras at the end of each reporting period of internal audit with remarks of NIMHANS Campus for non-compliance / non-settlement.
  23. To advice on income tax, service tax, sales tax, excise duty and custom laws etc. Applicable to NIMHANS Campus time to time. To help in preparation and submission of necessary compliance with applicable laws.
  24. Preparation of income tax return and submission of same to income tax authorities.
  25. Preparation and filling of e-TDS quarterly returns within applicable due date.
  26. Preparation and filling of service tax returns within applicable due date.
  27. To carry out internal audit of each campus of NIMHANS and Head Office on monthly basis and submit the monthly internal audit report to DFA &CAO.
  28. To ensure that the team deputed to carry out the internal audit should consist of at least one CA and two articles / audit clerks. The audit should prepare Audit plan and Audit programme and submit the same to DFA &CAO before commencement audit.
  29. The audit for a month to be commenced immediately after the budget review, which will be conducted usually on first Thursday of next month.
  30. To discuss the draft internal audit report, representative of the audit team may attend monthly budget review meeting.
  31. The internal audit report is to be prepared in four parts as given below:-
  32. Part – I : Management Summary and Suggestions
  33. Part – II : Detailed Internal Audit Report (for Current month)
  34. Statutory Matters
  35. Income Related (Grant/Hospital/Academic)
  • Purchases
  1. Civil Engineering Works
  2. Projects related
  3. Cash and Banking
  • System related
  • Other matters
  1. Part – III : Action Taken Report (Current / Previous)
  2. Part – IV :Non-Compliance with Previous Reports
  3. For all matters, the NIMHANS internal auditor will co-ordinate with DFA & CAO.
  4. Review of monthly accounts of GPF Trust
  5. Review of Internal Audit Manual for updation.

The eligible firms as per terms should submit the completed tender bid on or before 10.30 AM, June 07, 2017 (Due date).

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