Audit of Gram Panchayats for Government of Uttarakhand.



The Government of Uttarakhand invites proposal from company, firms (proprietary or partnership), registered in India for the above mentioned work.

The EOI document can be downloaded from “Latest Tender”). The cost of EOI document is Rs 1,500.00 (Rs One Thousand Five Hundred Rupees only), inclusive of VAT. The proposals must accompany with cost of EOI document in the form of a bank draft in favour of “The Director, Audit” for Rs 1,500.00 (Rs One Thousand Five Hundred Rupees only). The applicants may also obtain a hard copy of the EOI from the office of Director, Audit. The applicants purchasing the hard copy of the EOI must attach the copy of Receipt while submitting the proposal .

In this regard a pre bid conference would be held on 19 July 2016 at 02:30 Pm at the following address:-

The Director Audit,
Uttarakhand Second Floor,
Commissioner Tax Building,
Mussoorie By pass Ring road,
Jogiwala Dehradun – 248 001
Tel No. 0135-2674425
Fax: 0135 – 2671590

Revision, if any in RFP will be uploaded on the website “Latest Tender”) within one week after the pre -bid meeting.

The last date of submission of the EOI document to Director Audit is July 29, 2016 latest by 3 pm, at the above mentioned address. Technical proposals will be opened on same day at 03:30 pm.

For further enquiries please contact, Audit Cell, email id [email protected] during the office hours.

The Government of Uttarakhand invites proposal from Registered Firms of Chartered Accountants for conducting the Audit of Accounts of Gram Panchayats in Uttarakhand . A three year plan to cover all the Gram Panchyats of the Government of Uttarakhand including arrears of Panchyat Audit by Directorate Audit and Outsourcing to registered CA Firms .The government of Uttarakhand has decided to audit the some of the Gram Panchayats by outsourcing in a phased manner



YearNo. Panchayats Audit by outsourcing (Registered CA firms )
1Year 1Approx. 2000 Gram Panchayats
2Year 2Approx. 2000 Gram Panchayats
3Year 3Approx. 2000 Gram Panchayats


There are approximately 7500 Gram Panchayats in the State of Uttarakhand . They recicve funds in shape of Grants from Government of India and Government of Uttarakhand under various schemes besides having income from their own sources. The financial audit is to be conducted in respect of Financial Year 2015-16.

The objective of audit is to review/audit operations in the Gram Panchayats of Government of Uttarakhand to ensure that the internal control systems are operating satisfactorily across the various programs, projects, procurement units of the departments, directorates and other government agencies.

The auditor shall conduct an assessment of the adequacy of the financial management, procurement management, program/project management, risk assessment including IT system(Implementation of PRIAsoft) and all the internal controls. The auditor shall provide with timely information and recommendations to enable the government to take corrective measures, wherever necessary, in a timely manner.

Period of Audit

The period of internal audit would be one financial year or as specified for Phase -I .

Scope and extent of Audit.

  • The audit would be conducted as per general guidelines placed on annexure 1, 2,3 and State Audit Manual 2011 (
  • The extent of audit will be as under:-

(I) It will be 100% for Grants received from Central Government and State Government and Banking and financial transaction including collection from various income sources, Collection of Sale Proceeds and deposits into Bank

Auditors will also

  1. Determine whether the existing system of controls is in harmony with the structure of the organization. As far as possible keeping the controls within the operating functions acts as a cost effective measure;
  2. Review of each control and analysing them in terms of costs and benefits;
  3. Review of the reliability and integrity of financial and operating information and the means used to identify measure, classify, and report such information;
  4. Review of the systems established to ensure compliance with those policies, plans, procedures, laws and regulations which could have a significant impact on operations and reports, and should determine whether the organization is in compliance;
  5. Review of the means of safeguarding assets, and as appropriate, verify the existence of such assets. The objective of the management is to ensure that assets are reasonably and adequately protected against loss and that they are properly managed and accounted for. The safeguard of assets should not be restricted to mere pilferage but physical threats like fire, water, electricity, etc;
  6. Appraise the economy and efficiency with which resources are employed;
  7. Review of operations or programmes to ascertain whether results are consistent with established objectives and goals and whether the operation or programmes are being carried out as planned.
  8. Any specific point suggested by Govt.


The scope of audit is as follow:


a The audit Firm will verify the following and incorporation the finding in the Audit Report:

  • Cash Vouchers, Journal Vouchers, bank vouchers and ledger.
  • Classification of various account heads and entries..
  • Audit Firm will also report whether the proceeds are being collected and deposited in the bank collection account by the Gram Panchayat regularly and within stipulated period.
  • Flow of funds and report whether these are transferred regularly to head Office to ensure that heavy amounts are not being with held by bank unnecessarily.
  • All Earnest Money Deposits, Securities and outstanding Balances.
  • All other recoverable items.
  • Credit sale, if any made during the year and if so, to incorporate the same in the Audit Report.
  • Utilization of fund- The Audit Firm will report whether these are being utilized properly after adopting proper procedure and obtaining relevant proper sanction of competent authority.
  1. The Audit Firm will

1 Prepare statements of assets and liabilities of the Gram Panchayat

A- The Audit Firm will Check following registers and document and submit report accordingly:

  • Advances to employees and report whether these are being recovered/adjusted during the year as per rules and regulation.
  • Advance to suppliers and contractors and report whether these are being recovered/adjusted during the year as per rules and regulation.
  • The deductions made in the salary account and report whether these are being deposited timely with requisite authority e.g. Employees Provident Fund, General Provident Fund Tax deducted at sources etc.
  • Fixation of pay on general revision of pay scale/grant of time-bound/revised promotional scale and grant of annual increment.
  1. ADMINISTRATIVE The Audit Firm will:
  2. Verify and check all Auditable Registers List of such auditable registers and forms is to be mentioned in the audit report along with auditors finding.
  3. Check the stores consumed and prepare reconciliation statements item wise.
  4. Sample check implementation of various office orders.
  5. Check 100% service books.
  6. Taxation

The Audit Firm will:

  • Check VAT/sales tax return, income tax return and report whether VAT/sales tax and income tax return are filed in time.
  • Whether VAT. Sales taxes are being charged correctly and input Tax Credit is being claimed properly project/work wise.
  1. Legal

The Audit Firm will also perform following works:

  1. Sample checking of monitoring and processing of legal cases.
  2. Agreement Register for various works (Sale/Purchase/execution etc.)
  3. Register of legal cases and their up to date status
  4. Audit Reports
  • The report should be structured in such a manner so as to provide the following: (a) audit observations, highlighting gaps, if any (b) implications of the observations; (c) suggested recommendations; (d) management’s comments/agreed actions and (e) status of actions on the previous recommendations. In addition, the auditor should prepare and submit a consolidated report, summarizing the individual unit wise reports and highlighting the critical issues which require the immediate attention.
  • Draft Audit Report in one copy is to be submitted to Audit Cell, Finance Department, Govt. of Uttarakhand, Secretariat, Dehradun within 4 months from the date of award of assignment in Hindi and English both .
  • After the approval of Draft Audit report by duly constituted Expert Committee, the Consultant would provide three (3) copies of all deliverables (reports, formats etc) in bound format and two (2) copies in soft form in CD. The Consultant would furnish an undertaking that the draft and final reports will not be used, given, disclosed, displayed, reproduced, circulated to any person or organization without the written permission of Government of Uttarakhand.

Expression of Interest (EOI)

(A) The Director Audit, Government of Uttarakhand invites eligible company, firms (proprietary or partnership), societies registered in India to indicate their interest in providing the above-mentioned services who fulfill the entire criteria mentioned below-:

6(I)- Eligibility



CriteriaStatusReference Details
1The applicant should be a company/firms – proprietary or partnership/societies registered in India and operating for the last five yearsYes / NoCopies of certificate of incorporation/ partnership deed.
2The bidder should have a minimum annual average turnover of Rs. 30.00 Lakhs (Rs Thirty Lakhs Only) in the last three years (FY2014-15, FY2013-14 and FY2012-13)Yes / NoExtract of the audited Profit / Loss Statement and Balance Sheets, income tax and sale tax returns filed in this respect
3The applicant should have at least Five (05) years experience in conducting internal                    audits        of        Corporates,

Government Bodies, PSUs, etc.

Yes / NoCopies of Work Orders / Completion Certificates – at least one for each previous Five years.
4The company should have at least Four(4 ) qualified CA and five professionals/ personnel of audit background on the rolls of the institution.Yes / NoRecent Constitution certificate issued by Institute of Chartered Accountant of India and annual payroll of last financial year for professionals/ personnel of audit background
5The applicant should have completed at least Five (5) audits for Govt Bodies, PSU etc in past Five years((FY2014-15, FY2013-14 FY2012-13FY 2011-12 FY 2010-11)Yes / NoCopies of Work Orders/ Completion certificate by the concerned body
6CA should be empanelled with CAGYes / NoCopy of CAG’s Order

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