Engagement of Chartered Accountant for R.A.O. CSPDCL, Champa

Work Contract for Outsourcing of 7 Chartered Accountant -CA / Cost & Management Accountant-CMA as financial Consultants

Engagement of Chartered Accountant (CA) for R.A.O. CSPDCL, Champa on outsourcing basis.

Proposal is invited for availing the services of 1 no. (One) Chartered Accountants (CA) for R.A.O. CSPDCL, Champa on outsourcing basis for a period of one year on open tender basis.

Chartered Accountant having experience of at least 2 years of post-qualification working in a limited co. or having done internal audit for at least 2 years in any PSU, proficiency in computer application.

Terms & Conditions:

The Candidate shall provide the details name of candidates; their CVs and CA certificates at the beginning of the contract professional services. In case the contract for professional services is extended, the same candidates shall continue to work. The name of the candidates provided by the firm or the candidate himself shall be mentioned in the agreement executed under this tender. The candidate provided as above shall have to attend the office regularly from 10.30 AM to 5.30 PM at Sr. A.O./RAO and have to put up attendance sign in the separate attendance register. Putting sing in the attendance register shall only be for billing purpose and candidates shall not be claim to be in the payroll of the company. The candidates shall be allowed leave on National holidays, Sunday second and third Saturday and those holidays which are allowed to CSPDCL’s employees. In case of leave on working day, the bill amount shall be reduced in proportion of mandays absent to the total days in that month. In case of urgency of completing the work within time, candidates may have to do extra hour working / holiday working for which no extra amount shall be paid to the candidate. TA / DA / boarding expenses shall be paid as applicable to officers of the Company to outside RAO’s for visit to Head Office at designed intervals. The candidates shall be provided office space and furniture and fixtures however computers / laptop shall be provided by the firm / candidate. Candidates have to assist in the work on SAP ERP system and MS Office; as such computer proficiency is necessary. No extra payment for employee related benefits like EPF / GPF/ NCP / Insurance / Medical facility and all other benefits which are required to be given by “employees benefit related Act” prevailing in State / India (whatsoever be the name) shall be made.


The firm providing the candidates/ the candidates shall be responsible to execute all the work assigned to them. CSPDCL has one Regional Accounts Office in Champa. The account are maintained in SAP ERP. The scope of work is wide enough to cover all the work of maintaining and preparing account as per Companies Act 2013.

Closing Date & Time for Submission of Tender January 30, 2017 03:00 PM

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