Hiring of Chartered Accountant Firm/Cost Audit Firm as Internal Auditors of PTCUL for the FY 2017-18

Appointment of Cost Auditor of APDCL for the Financial Year 2017-18

Hiring of Chartered Accountant Firm/Cost Audit Firm as Internal Auditors of PTCUL for the FY 2017-18

E-tenders are invited from the experienced Chartered Accountants firm for “Hiring of Chartered Accountant Firm/Cost Audit Firm as Internal Auditors of PTCUL for the FY 2017-18” against tender specification no. PTCUL/E-Tender/C&P-II/RFP-01/2017-18.

The Tender document can be downloaded from the website www. tenderwizard.com/PTCUL after submitting the Tender Fee and Tender can be submitted on or before due date. The requisite cost of tender documents/tender fee (Non refundable) shall have to be paid by crossed demand draft in favour of MD, PTCUL, Payable at Dehradun. The Cash, cheque or postal orders shall not be accepted.


  • The entire Works under the Contract shall have to be completed in all respects as per completion schedule given in the tender document from the date of issue of Letter of Award.
  • The EMD can be submitted in the form of Bank Demand Draft/BG/FDR/CDR in favour of MD, PTCUL payable at Dehradun from any Scheduled Bank /nationalized Bank.
  • The prospective bidders are advised to obtain their user ID, Password, Company ID from website tenderwizard.com/PTCUL by clicking on hyper link “Vendor Registration” for registration on e-tender website.
  • The bidder can freely view and download the e-tender document from the website tenderwizard.com/PTCUL on or before the date as mentioned in column No. 7 of above table. However, for participation in the tender, the bidder shall have to upload the details of DD (tender fee as mentioned above) at the time of request of the e-tender. The tender fee shall be as mentioned above in the shape of DEMAND DRAFT of any scheduled bank payable at Dehradun in favour of “MD, PTCUL, Dehradun” which must reach Superintending Engineer (C&P-II), PTCUL, Vidyut Bhawan, Near ISBT crossing, Majra, Saharanpur Road, Dehradun along with EMD and Schedule-C in separate envelope on or before the due date & time of submission & opening of technical bid. The scanned copy of tender FEE shall also be uploaded on e-tender website at the prescribed place.
  • The tender document can be seen/downloaded from e- tender website tenderwizard.com/PTCUL. The price bid format in PDF format is given for ready reference only.

The price bid format in excel sheet (in soft not in PDF) may also be downloaded from e-tender website after uploading the details of requisite tender fee/ DD along with scanned copy of the tender fee/DD.

The bidder has to quote their prices in ‘price bid format in excel sheet’ only as given on e-tender website. The price bid in PDF is strictly not to be submitted/uploaded.

All the tender documents will be carried out only through E-tendering mode and the bidder has to submit all his tender documents (Like Price Bid etc.) in the e-tendering website http://www.tenderwizard.com/PTCUL and in the mean time the bidders has to scan their Earnest Money Deposit (EMD), and all the pre-qualifying documents/Supporting Documents for uploading and also submit the hard copy of the same (at least Two set) to the office within the last date and time of the submission of tender.

This office is not responsible if the tender fee, EMD and Schedule-C is delayed in transit or is not made available by the Postal Department / Courier at the address prescribed above.

  • The bidders shall scan EMD to be given as DD in favour of MD, Power Transmission Corporation of Uttarakhand Ltd., Dehradun on any Scheduled Bank in Dehradun or by Bank Guarantee from any Nationalized Bank in the format provided in the tender document. The scanned EMD as mentioned must be uploaded in PDF/ .gif or .jpg format in addition to sending the original as stated above.

It is mandatory for the bidders to submit the tender fee in the form of DD (Non refundable), original hard copy of the EMD and schedule “C” (all should be in a single separate envelope) and the hard copy (at least two set) of all other the pre-qualifying documents/Supporting Documents/certificates of tender document to SE (C&P-II) office on or before due date & time of opening of technical bid.

  • E-Tenders will be received and opened on the date as mentioned above or any extension thereof. In case the above date is holiday, the tenders will be received & opened on the next working day.
  1. It is mandatory for the bidder to submit the hard copy of Schedule-C (Bid validity declaration) and ‘Declaration’ regarding correctness of the documents, in Rs.100 stamp duly notarized, as per the format given in the tender documents and also upload the copy of the same on e-tender website with the supporting document of your technical bid proposal.
  • As per guidelines/circular dated 31.08.2011 and dated 18.04.2010 by Directorate STQC, IT Department, New Delhi and CVC, Govt. of India, the use of class-3 Digital Signature, procured from any certifying authority, is made mandatory for the firms to login on the website tenderwizard.com/PTCUL of Power Transmission Corporation of Uttarakhand Ltd. w.e.f. 01.10.2012. For details contact mobile no. +91­7895458286.
  • The bidders are requested to read all the instructions/conditions of the bid documents & NIT carefully and submit their bid accordingly. Be insured that all the required and supporting documents has to be uploaded on e-tender website.


Pre-Qualification Requirement (PQR):- The PQR of the above assignment is as under:

S. No.NormsBasis of MarksMax. Marks

Experience of Firm

(i) In Internal Audit of CPSU / State PSU (In the last ten years ending on 31.03.2016).5 marks per CPSU/ State PSU15
(ii) In Internal Audit of Power Sector in the last ten years ending on 31.03.2016.5 marks per CPSU/ State PSU15
2Number of Partners in the Firm for a minimum period of one year on the date of NIT:2 Marks for each Partner who is ACA/ AICA (ACMA) and 3 marks for each Partner who is FCA /FICA(FCMA)15
3Year of Establishment of the Firm.1 mark per year (fraction of the year to be ignored)15
4Average Annual Turnover of the best three years out of the last five financial years ending on 31.03.2016 will be considered for awarding marks.5 marks for per Rs. 50 lacs of average annual turnover (fraction or part thereof to be ignored )40

The firms shall have to score at least 75 marks to be considered as qualified for opening of their price bids. The price bids of the firms that scores less than 75 marks shall not be opened.

The other details, terms & conditions are given in tender documents.

Under signed reserves the right to reject the offer of one or all the tenderers without assigning the reason thereof.

Bid Submission End Date : April 28, 2017 01:00 PM

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